Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sunset Jicama and Apple Slaw

This crunchy, refreshing, raw salad is perfect for anyone on a balancing or cleansing diet.  Jicama is a Mexican tuber high in vitamin C and healing to the immune system. This fiber-rich dish is packed with prebiotics, which are are metabolized in the intestines, where our bacteria can then use it for energy. I'd take this to the beach with me or on a picnic.
By Katie Ring

Serves 4
Tools: knife, cutting board, peeler, food processor or grater

1 small Jicama
2 green apples
1 medium carrot
Juice of 1-2 limes
Optional: spearmint

-First we’ll prep ingredients. Take your peeler and peel tough skin off jicama.  Using a large chef’s knife, cut off bottom of jicama, so it rests flat on your cutting board.  Cut jicama into rectangles.  Set aside.
-Cut apples into quarters, discarding seeds and stem.  Set aside.
-If using food processor, use the shredding blade and one-at-a-time, feed the jicama, apple, and carrot through.  If using a cheese grater, this process will take a bit longer, but it can be done the same way.  

-Transfer shredded mixture to a large bowl and add lime juice.  Let marinade in fridge for 20 minutes.  Top with spearmint if you desire!