Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I am back, and I come with great news!

Hello Friends!

I have great news! I took a 6 month leave of absence from sharing my writing online, to check in with myself and give some thought to what it is that I want.

Thanks for rollin' with me through the changes. Here's one major change: Awakenwithkatie.com

Other happenings in my life while I was away:

  • I finished my first year of plant spirit medicine studies in Southern Vermont with Sage Maurer.
  • I completed an intensive Chakra Therapy course with spiritual leader Anodea Judith, and learned how energy moves and creates blocks in the body.
  • Working with my plant allies, I've started creating intuitive herbal products, which you can now buy online and locally in my hometown :)
  • I've ended my Women's Mediation Circle at the Zen Center in Beverly, but I plan to join or co-create one with women of all ages! Contact me if you're interested in this!
  • I've been cooking and creating tasty, local, plant-based meals with some of my favorite women at Chive Catering
  • I strengthened new and existing relationships, and lost some too.
  • I had my heart broken.
  • and I slowly invited her to come together again, with more gentleness and kindness.
  • I cleansed my space, getting rid of a lot of things I didn't love, and bringing in more of what serves my lifestyle~ inspired by the documentary, Minimalism
  • I've just begun training as a preschool teacher at an alternative preschool in the North Shore~ which will begin this summer :)
  • I've been seeing an energy healer, which is helping me to feel safe in my body again. 
  • and learning how to slow down…especially with food and my body, which is the basis of my latest journal post.

I am here!
With a fresh, new website: Awakenwithkatie.com and my cultivations: a teeny little online herbal store, showcasing a few of my healing plant allies that I have grown to love (I'm so pun-y)

Also an updated blog- my journal. I feel like a completely new person compared to the Katie I was last year, and for me, this feels like dumping what no longer serves me. "Thank you, I need to free up some energy now."

To YOU, reading this, I am TRULY DEEPLY SO VERY grateful to have you by my side through this journey.

Thank you thank you thank you!!
I love you
<3 Katie