Monday, August 8, 2016

Exploring the Depths of Love in Relationship

photography by my dear friend Rory Savatgy, 

As you may have seen, my writing style is changing.
just as I am forever evolving
as you are too…
I crave to feel deeper meaning in beautiful words
where time and space have such importance.
so here I am respecting yours, and ours
in sharing these depths of love.

an eternal journey we travel, navigated by love
in relationship.
Relationship with words, with being, with other beings, with physical things,
with soul…

though my essence is pure love
I have been too afraid to offer her space to flourish
strangled by my worries, my delusion, my childhood trauma
a safety net catching my woes and dangling them above magnificent earth below…
along with the rest of life’s pleasures.
I’ve been missing out.

I know why I did this though,
to protect myself from being hurt.
to keep myself in a safe, shiny bubble
Ha! bubbles always pop.

Right now, I feel open to sharing the love,
from a space of true courage and vulnerability,
de-masking the free-spirit, cool girl facade I've so enjoyed wearing.
with loving recipients offering their faithful love,
may we experience a mutual presence and harmony.

so here I lay, bathing in the velvety warm waters
surrendering to the mystery of life, of love, of trust.
I see more clearly (lovingly) now,
This is the only way.

~Katie Ring