Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"we all got a lot to say about everybody else…"

This is a line from my newest favorite artist, Rising Appalachia. I have just recently discovered this sister duo and am totally enamored by their expressive, soul-stirring sound and powerful lyrics.  Leah and Chloe maximize the musical experience as a tool to get in touch with our roots again, to manifest greatness in all. Their intention is to spread love through music: love towards ourselves, our communities.

"Swoon" by Rising Appalachia 

Feeling totally empowered by these gorgeous storytellers I find myself tapping deeply into my own creativity.

I've never considered myself a good writer, I've always had a hard time with reading and comprehension in school.  I have a difficult time putting my thoughts and feelings into words. Maybe it's because I don't have a crossword-worthy vocabulary or quick-retrevial brain. I think that's why I keep a rolodex of facial expressions.  However since I started journaling and blogging over a year ago, I've become so much more expressive and confident in my writing.  It leads me to believe, anyone can do anything they want, with some practice, persistence, passion and most importantly, a solid belief in yourself. Get rid of those limiting beliefs that you play over and over in the back of your head, they are holding you back.

"I consider myself a skeptic, but I'm an optimist in soul." -Rising Appalachia.

One of the ways I've naturally begun to express myself is through poetry. I don't really know how poetry works, but that's ok. All I know is I enjoy it.  Don't ask me how to write a haiku, I don't remember.  I love languages, the beauty in simplicity and the abundance of ways to express oneself to another.  I've been reading The Purpose Principle by Jake Ducey and he shares the Hawaiian mantra, Ho'oponopono which means, "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me."  So simple yet all encompassing.

It's day 19 of my challenge, Living Your Naked Truth.  Here is my #NakedTruth this week, sharing with you one of my poetic creations.

Dirty Hair

Why do I let others dictate what I want? How my life should be lived?
I let them decide what is beautiful.
The way my hair falls in my face. Or doesn't.
Or how it sticks up in the back because it's shiny and dry and messy.
It's too short or too long or it hangs in my face.
It is always in my face.

Now I purposefully leave it in my face.
Sometimes it covers my eyes and I can't see.
I like not having to see for a minute.
I want to wear my thick natural waves however they may be.
Because who cares?
It should be in my face.
Dirty. Wild. Free.