Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reduce anxiety by offering ourselves "me" time

I consider myself a very easy-going person but for some reason, lately I have been letting stress get to me easily.  Maybe I let the stress of others rub off on me a little more, or I'm bumming over the short days and cooler weather.  This winter I'm not in the Rockies so I can't cruise on over to the mountain to decompress with a few runs.  The things we need to keep us going every day might not be simple or accessible, but if we value ourselves, we will make time to show self-love.

To relieve my holiday anxiety, I'm making an effort to take better care of myself.  During the summer I automatically play outdoors with friends and eat energizing, cooling meals.  However this time of year I need to force myself to sit down and relax, knowing that I will benefit tremendously if I take that extra time to look after my well-being.  Here are some things I try to do regularly to feel my best.

  • start my day with a warm drink
  • eat nourishing meals
  • get outside
  • exercise
  • listen to music
  • meditate
  • socialize
  • hugs
  • read
  • sometimes pretending to be cheerful on my off days can actually make me feel better
  • organize my to-do list
  • practice yoga
  • journal
  • treat my skin to a "spa day" or take a bath with epsom salts and essential oils
  • catch up with friends and family I haven't talked to in a while
  • go on a walk or hike
  • play with my friends' pets
  • watch a movie or tv show
  • shop local at the farmer's market
  • clean/de-clutter something in my room or house
  • plan a day trip/weekend adventure 
  • go out to dinner
  • see live music
  • Plan some epic trips with friends, family, or to do solo
  • go abroad :)
  • move to a new city
  • get a new job
  • get acupuncture or a deep tissue massage
  • do a couple detoxes/cleanses

All of this does take time, so you have to be wiling to give yourself that in order to decompress and feel your best, through the holidays and the rest of the year.  Now I challenge you to make a list of things you want to do regularly to show yourself some love and gratitude.