Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't cut yourself off completely! Using mindful eating practices when traveling

I love to travel!! It's my favorite way to explore, learn about other cultures, enjoy the scenery, meet interesting people, and of course, indulge in flavorful, authentic cuisines. When I was employed by the ski resort in Beaver Creek, I would work my ass off all winter season (while slayin' that fresh pow of course) to then travel in the spring during the mud season.  I repeated this cycle in the summer so that I my Aunt Ellen and I could go on a food and art extravaganza through Paris in the fall before ski season started back up.  Even though I don't have the same means to this luxurious lifestyle, I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot lately, for my own enjoyment and for family support.  A couple weeks ago I ended up in Cleveland for my grandfather's funeral, Atlanta visiting my Teton lover C-Pat, Ft. Lauderdale to see Kyle and a cruise out of Miami for Megan's bachelorette party.  I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family that I am able to visit.  We all cherish the time we get to spend together.  I try to take care of my mind, body, soul so I can feel my best and in return, share my best self with my friends and family.

Doing some vintage shopping in my nana's closet
During this crazy 10-day adventure, I found it difficult to stick to my typical way of mindful, healthful eating, but I made it work under the circumstances.  I packed a lot of my own snacks, including teas, powdered coconut milk, epic bars, single serving nut butter packets, green apples, and plantain chips.  I call myself Mary Poppins because I always have approved snacks wherever I go.  This came in handy when I was at my grandfather's funeral.  My family in Cleveland has Italian roots, so you can only imagine all the delicious and heavy pasta sauces and breaded chicken dishes followed by rich desserts that were provided to our family.  I ate mostly simple foods that I knew would not cause my body or mind pain.  I was following a strict elimination diet with autoimmune protocol during this time, however after seeking support from one of my mentors, I made the personal decision to accept coffee, a few cocktails, and some sweet treats.  I did this, without feeling guilty, because I didn't want to deprive myself or feel left out of my family gatherings and bachelorette festivities.  I am learning that it's important to not only notice how one's body feels after eating certain foods, but how emotions can affect one's physical state as well.  Was that chocolate and glass of wine really worth the lethargy and headache that preceeded? Probably not, but I am still figuring that out!

C-Pat and Ring Ring enjoying the gorgeous panorama of Hotlanta on…Climax St.  No joke.
Even though I "cheated" on my cleanse, my traveling diet included lots of green veggies, fruits, deli meats, and healthy fats like olives and avocados.  I like to drink occasionally with friends, but when you are headed to your best friend's bachelorette party, you know the alcohol is gonna be a-flowing! An inspirational health coach and teacher of mine explained to me that I should make informed choices, laying out my options as good/better/best.  For alcohol, she explained that white tequila and potato or grape vodka are best choices, as they are least allergenic and low in sugar. Best combined with fresh juice and soda water, rather than sugary daiquiris.  Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water helped too.  Lets just say I had a great time with all the girls without spending all my money on $10 drinks or the craps table at the casino :)

Dancin' till the wee hours of the morning with Fish Out of Water
Look at that perfect pyramid!

Sad to be leaving the cruise with all these wonderful ladies (and Michael!)