Sunday, July 31, 2016

We are the Cosmos

I thought this was wild cosmo, it is actually a chicory !
“If you see anything horrible, don’t cling to it. If you see anything beautiful, don’t cling to it.” Excerpt from How the Swans Came to the Lake, a Narrative History of Buddhism in America, by Rick Fields.

We are the Cosmos

Yesterday, I ran.
I ran, not too far, not too fast, but I ran
I ran because my legs would let me
And my body asked me to move her fluidly
Like I did as a child, or an adolescent.

I ran to the big, hilly cemetery, right in my town.
I didn’t know where my run would take me, but I was led here.

At first I worried, as I was in a sports bra for a top,
A concern came to mind: someone thinking my lack of clothing disrespectful.
SO, I came up with a comeback in my head, because I felt like arguing...
And the reply came through as a mirror of sleeping thoughts.
This is how I support my truth, when I feel doubt creeping up. As she always does...

I return again. Presence.
I’m running around the graves~ noticing, appreciating, loving, blessing…
I think of these people, how they lay with their family members
Beautiful names they share.
Tombstones adorned with art, sentiment, and love…

I notice a bluff of cheery purpley-blue flowers at the edge of the cemetery
The rising sun giving them full permission to be noticed.

I don’t know what flower she is, but I see her a lot in fields.
Five elegant petals with pearly blue stamens at the center.
Nothing less than angelic.
On each petal I see the shape of 5 fingers, reaching out to the sun
I dance my fingers along, holding hands with the petal-hands.
So delicate, so worthy of my affection and attention.
I see you. I know you. I honor you.
I will tell them you are safe.
I will tell them you haven’t actually left at all,
But rather we have left you…

I’m here now, I am ready to connect with you
And share your ancient wisdom with humanity.
And with that mission, I will do my best to speak with humility and integrity
I will share your undying love with the rest of mankind.
I will nourish your traditions through the elements through which you sing
And with that, I devote my life to all that exists.

We are the cosmos.