Friday, February 27, 2015

Letting go of control to ride the adventure of life: My California to Massachusetts road trip

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

September 2014 I moved from colorful Colorado to the sunny San Francisco Bay Area.  My intention behind this transition was to figure out how to make my passions into a career, take time to heal my body, and save money by moving in with my parents.  In the past six months, I worked at a yoga studio and created nourishing meals at a Dharma retreat center.  I started this blog as a way to share my love. I practiced yoga, and completed a strict sugar detox and autoimmune cleanse.  Through my work, I learned the importance of mediation in my overall well-being. I fell in love.  I witnessed death in my family. I made new friends.  I reconnected with old friends.  I learned to be patient and understanding with my parents.

About a week ago, I started my first cross-country road trip. And doin' it solo too! West coast to east coast.  I decided to make this winter adventure so I could start something new for myself, follow my passions and remove myself from bustling city life.  Originally I had a plan to meet up with friends along the way and eventually get to Massachusetts by mid March.  Unfortunately, I can't control the weather and things don't always work out as we may hope, so I decided that I'll get to my destination when I get there...Ultimately, I am figuring out how to go with the flow, not make a plan, live moment to moment.  I packed up my car with all of my belongings (probably way too many to begin with) and started the drive east.

Today marks day 10 into my epic road trip.  So far, I've stopped at national parks, hiked beautiful mountains and explored colorful caves.  I've camped under the stars.  I've driven through several snow storms. I've made new friends and have learned to put myself in temporarily uncomfortable situations to be more independent and accepting of new things. I went snowboarding in fresh backcountry powder.  I spent time catching up with my incredibly supportive and loving friends and family.  I'm inspired by each one of my friends; seeing everything they have accomplished and how they are transforming into their true, authentic selves.  I've experienced the generosity of friends and strangers, making this adventure truly amazing so far.

Boulder, CO
Even though I am on a solo road trip, I don't feel like I have been alone at any part of this journey. Sometimes I feel lonely, but I gotta remember to "love the one that never leaves you."  I'm learning to listen to my inner road trip guide, rather than absorbing energies of whoever I'd be traveling with.  I am figuring out how to trust myself.  To live with uncertainty and to be OK with that.  I am opening my heart and it feels perfect.