Saturday, October 25, 2014

This is SO MUCH MORE than a food and health blog

Humans are innately a compassionate species.  We don't thrive when we are at war, destroying our planet and causing other's pain.  Human beings are really good at connecting with others, showing sympathy, and embracing one another's talents and passions.  When life was simpler, we lived in complete harmony with Mother nature.  With the busy lives we lead, it can be challenging to listen to our intuition; telling us how to take care of ourselves, the people and environment around us.  Every day I strive to be a better being, friend, lover, daughter, niece, granddaughter, cousin, employee, coworker, leader, student, giver, business woman, confidant, listener, storyteller, philosopher, acquaintance, seeker.  To be the best of these that I can, I must truly love and care for myself as well as the beauty surrounding us.  On this blog, I will share with you happenings in my life that reflect my love for health.  This is my mission: to inspire you to treat yourself, others, and the environment kindly.  My goal is to show you ways to love the life you live!  I hope that you find some inspiration to live a health-minded life you love!